Have You Taken The Time To Look Closer?

Backyard magicBackyard magicBackyard MagicFrom the warmth of my house I heard the 'ker-clunk' of waste being hoisted and dumped into the back of the truck. The sounds hit me like a ton of discarded bricks.

I had failed to take the garbage to the curb and I was almost out of time!

Rushing outside I was hit with the type of cold that empties your lungs, I was not dressed for this!

Scraping the frost off the handle of the green dumpster I wheeled it swiftly to the curb and that's when I saw my front yard, frozen beautifully in place.

I gasped, my breath clearly visible.

Taking the time to look closer I was suddenly transported from the lame daily tasks of life to a magical wonderland!

I rushed back inside to gather my camera and macro-lens and laid down on the frozen cement, fully committing to the cold.

The driver of the garbage truck passed, I couldn't help but think he probably thought I was a lunatic for laying on my driveway with hands frozen to the camera...

He would be right though, I am.