The Magical Corona Arch

Magic is absolutely real, I say this with confidence because some moments I've lived through absolutely ooze with it!

Sure, everything we don't understand can romantically be called magic, until we find the right explanation.

I may not know the scientific explanation for how and why every hair on my arm stood when I stood under this magnificent place, but I know something unexplainable happened.

Do you at all know what I mean? Have you ever experienced a moment more than most?

As I passed under Corona Arch, feeling my thoughts in an indescribable way, nearby strangers broke my connection to the moment asking if I would take their picture?

My Christian upbringing compels me to oblige strangers for photos, always, even if I have tears in my eyes from what I'm experiencing at the moment.

I quickly wiped them away so they wouldn't know thinking about all the times I couldn't say no!

One time, over ten years ago now, I was shooting a Red Carpet during Sundance when two well-heeled gals were like, "Hey you, can you take a picture of us while 50-cent is behind us?"

I glanced at 50-Cent's body guard scowling at us...

"Ok, fine, but hurry," I said feeling dirty.

50-Cent staring at my soul, ominously through the clouds. Circa 2009... I used my shot of 50 for a photoshop tutorial on swapping backgrounds long ago!

In this moment underneath Corona Arch I normally wouldn't have brought my "work camera" because of the distraction it brings but this year I've felt called to capture such scenes.

The Corona Arch Strangers made a comment about having found the "right guy" to take their picture!

I took their cue, motioned to my Canon 5D Mark IV with the16-35 2.8L wide angle strapped around my shoulder like a quick draw artist.

Some might blush when strangers brazenly talk about the size of their equipment, but I knew just what to say.

"Oh this old thing?" I replied deadpan, "I don't even know how to use it, I found it near an injured hiker back there."

The Corona Arch Strangers laughed as I handed back their phone and showered me with profuse thanks for both vertical and horizontal shots of them with the arch, perfectly composed on two separate phones.

"Don't thank me yet," I hollered back, "Soon you'll realize I just took a bunch of selfies!"

Their laughs echoed off the red stone.

Go ahead and use that joke next time a stranger asks you take their picture; while you're at it you can also put this Image on your wall.

Whatever you do, just make sure to bravely and brazenly share your magic with strangers... when you feel called!