Life in the Wake of Fire

The Haleakala lava fields of Southern Maui

Driving south on the western coast, past Wailea and Makena, you will eventually come to a sea of entirely black lava rock extending as far as the eye can see.

I couldn't help but imagine the strain of carving this one lane road through the razor sharp edges on what feels like an entirely foreign planet.

The landscape was impossibly inhospitable, no wonder the road was so narrow. The scene seemed far too bleak for what I was after.

I thought I should turn around, but something whispered otherwise.

I slowed down and took a closer look, the signs of a colorful and thriving ecosystem were everywhere, hidden in plain sight! I kneeled to capture this moment and felt a profound sense of solitary gratitude for the simple lesson...

If life seems barren or bleak, maybe just slow down and look closer?